Top 7 Omegle Alternatives for Video Chat with Strangers

Top 7 Omegle Alternatives for Video Chat with Strangers

People use Omegle, a popular online video chat service, to chat and hang out with strangers worldwide. However, it has grown highly saturated because few new features have been added in recent years. It might seem like a minor concern for first-time users, but after some time, returning users might get bored with the experience and want something new and exciting.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of Omegle alternatives that offer a wide range of intriguing features and incorporate user interfaces that are clear and user-friendly. 

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Top 7 Alternatives to Omegle for Video Chat
1. ChatRandom
2. MeetMe
3. Fruzo
4. ChatHub
5. EmeraldChat
6. Chatroulette
7. Bazoocam
How to Unblock Omegle?
Omegle FAQs

Top 7 Alternatives to Omegle for Video Chat

1. ChatRandom


With ChatRandom, you can select the person’s gender and nationality before connecting with them, just like with the other Omegle options on this list.

It even includes a special button that can rapidly connect with girls online at any moment.

Similar to the Tinder app, ChatRandom offers the option to swipe right to connect with random strangers if you’re not interested in the current match.

For mobile video chats, it also has a mobile app that is accessible on both iOS and Android.


  • You can choose the country and gender of the other individual in advance.
  • You can use the swipe-right capability to proceed to the next video chat.
  • It has a mobile application for iOS and Android


  • The app has specific problems, such as a log-in issue
  • Hardly few individuals to interact with
  • inadequate customer service

Find Official ChatRandom Here:

ChatRandom Website

ChatRandom Android App

ChatRandom iOS App

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2. MeetMe

MeetMe is the website to choose if you’re interested in finding new acquaintances online. Join fun text, video, and live chat features today to start chatting for free with people in your neighborhood!

With a broad user base, you can join a chat without waiting a long time to match up with someone. The site will ask for your name and even your ZIP code when you enter to connect you with a local match. Alternatively, a Facebook account can be linked to speed up the registration process. MeetMe is also available as an iPhone and Android mobile app.


  • The user interface is contemporary and straightforward.
  • It has many active users, reducing the time it takes to locate a match.
  • For convenient access to chats, the website provides a specialized app for Android and iOS.


  • It lacks fundamental functionalities that other online chat applications offer
  • The website demands that you join up using your ZIP code.
  • It would help if you were careful of fake profiles and scammers on the platform.

Find Official MeetMe Here:

MeetMe Website

MeetMe Android App

MeetMe iOS App

How can you ensure your safety while using these Omegle alternatives?
To ensure your safety while using Omegle alternatives, consider the following precautions:

  • Do not share personal information, such as your full name, address, or phone number.
  • Avoid engaging in explicit or inappropriate conversations.
  • Use the platform’s reporting or blocking features if you encounter any abusive or inappropriate behavior.
  • Consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your IP address and maintain anonymity.
  • Use a unique username or alias instead of your real name.

3. Fruzo

Fruzo matches you with strangers based entirely on your gender, and you can communicate with potential dates through a webcam before meeting up in person. So, while it might not always be the ideal approach to locate a nearby date, it is still a terrific Omegle alternative and provides a fun random chat experience.


  • Finding a match through your webcam makes it much simpler to communicate with someone.
  • Finding connections by age, nation, city, gender, or keyword makes it simple to find new partners.
  • User-friendly picture searches to browse the most recent images shared by users from around the world or upload your own.


  • It has no app support
  • Low-user database, which limits the ability to connect with more people

Fruzo Website

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4. ChatHub

ChatHub Is a free video chatting platform that enables random individuals to interact with one another based on the languages they speak. Users of this website can join two different types of rooms. The first is for casual conversations in which you’ll be connected with a random person to chat with, while the second is for discussions of particular subjects.

If you want to keep your identity private, ChatHub can pair you up with the genders of your choice and has several audio and video filters in place. 


  • You can have a video conversation with anyone in the world.
  • You may use a camera to talk, text, and chat.
  • It is free.
  • You can filter potential mates based on the languages they speak, such as English, Spanish, etc.
  • Additionally, you can choose particular nations.
  • In the Gender Filter, you can select a specific gender to talk with, only boys or girls.


  • Constantly annoying ads
  • Continuous app notifications
  • Frequent app crashes

Check Official ChatHub Here:

ChatHub Website

ChatHub Android App

5. EmeraldChat

ChatHub iOS App

EmaraldChat is an online meet website that heavily focuses on community rules to make it a safe platform for everyone. It was built with tight moderating mechanisms. Despite not requiring registration, the website may continuously annoy you with popups urging you to log in to access more services, such as gender filtering.

The service offers numerous contact methods, including video calls, group chats, and even one-on-one interactions with complete strangers.


  • Lightweight and incredibly quick
  • Excellent on mobile for sharing photos and other media
  • Along with video conversations, it also provides group chats.
  • It possesses strict rules that make it a safe site to utilize.


  • There is yet to be a mobile app available for iOS or Android.
  • Despite not requiring registration, you will be prompted to log in regularly.

EmeraldChat Website 

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6. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the best sites for random video chats because of its simple UI.

The website lets you have random audio and video chats with people of any gender.

To enhance the fun of the interaction, Chatroulette also includes tools like the ability to alter the font size, save conversations, and draw.

Although Chatroulette doesn’t have an app, you can access it using a web browser on Android and iOS devices.


  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • Initiates random video chats with strangers
  • Enables chat users to sketch


  • Poor customer support
  • The website requires logging in.
  • It has no app for both Android and iOS. 

Chatroulette Website 

7. Bazoocam

Bazoocam lets users meet new people while still playing multiplayer games like 4 in a row, Tetris, and Tic Tac Toe. The ability to match nearby people using geolocation by ticking a box before entering the chat room is another intriguing feature of this video chatting website.

The website lets you quickly switch between talks with random strangers by pressing the “Next” button until you find the ideal match. 

In addition to offering entertaining activities, Bazoocam supports various languages, including French, Spanish, and others, so you can practice your native tongue or pick up a new one!


  • Compatibility with nearby strangers
  • Moderated by dedicated staff to monitor adherence to the rules
  • It has support for multiplayer games to make chats more interesting


  • does not have a mobile application
  • The user interface could seem dated and boring to certain people.

Bazoocam Website

How to Unblock Omegle?

Omegle aims to connect people for random chats and broaden their horizons, is sometimes used for adult purposes despite its moderation efforts. This can lead to network administrators blocking access to Omegle due to security concerns. However, there are ways to bypass these restrictions and unblock Omegle.

One such method is to use a VPN service, which allows you to switch your device’s IP address and connect through the service’s secure VPN servers. This encrypts your traffic and prevents your ISP from seeing which sites you’re visiting, making it impossible for them to block your access to Omegle.

Here are the steps to unblock Omegle using a VPN:

Step 1: Download a VPN app
Step 2: Open the app and connect to a server
Step 3: Sign in to Omegle
Step 4: Now you’ve unblocked and you can access Omegle


If you’re looking for an online video chat room to make new acquaintances online, we’ve chosen a few of the best alternatives for Omegle. Choose the one which suits best for you.

Omegle FAQs

1. Is Omegle App Safe?

The safety of Omegle is a concern as it lacks robust moderation and does not require registration or age verification, making it a possible target for online abuse, especially among young people. In fact, the official Omegle website itself acknowledges and urges users to exercise caution while using the platform.

2. How Private is Omegle App?

No, it is not entirely private. While an automated system checks chat messages and video chat for spam, inappropriate behavior and some messages may also be manually reviewed by humans. Also Omegle stores a timestamp, your IP address, and ID cookie every time you chat and stores this data is stored for 120 days.

Users can use third-party software to record the video chat and save the chat log or take screenshots of the video chat. Therefore, users should exercise caution while using the platform to protect their privacy.


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