Atlas Earth: Buy Virtual Property | Is it a Scam?

Atlas Earth: Buy Virtual Property | Is it a Scam?

Atlas Earth is a brand-new game that advertises the ability to purchase “real-world” virtual land that will pay you to rent for many years. It is a mobile application that lets users buy virtual properties and earn money. You might be curious about Atlas Earth and how it functions if you’ve recently seen advertisements for it.

This may sound interesting to people curious about the metaverse and want to purchase the virtual property. However, what is Atlas Earth, and why do so many people believe it to be a scam?

Let’s see!

What Is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth is one of the only mobile games that allows you to buy virtual property. Atlas Earth is a digital simulation of the world in the metaverse. You can purchase individual land plots using Atlas Earth.

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Can You Make Money With Atlas Earth?

By renting out your in-game parcels, Atlas Earth claims to bring in money for you.

You receive payment from Atlas Earth per second.

Although this may seem like a lot, you would only make 10 cents a year on a standard plot at this low pay.

You would have to hold onto that land for even longer (or buy more) before getting any money back because Atlas Earth also has a $5 minimum balance requirement.

If you decide to use it to purchase more land, you can cash out for $1.

This implies that it would take you around five decades to produce enough money to pay off the cost of the land. Even if you own a large amount of land, you will only be profitable if the game becomes popular. Due to the increase in demand, you could now sell your land for a significant profit. But that might never occur.

Although there are alternative ways to make money in the metaverse, it may be more common to remain with well-known businesses.

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Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

Atlas Earth isn’t worth it if you’re searching for a quick and straightforward way to make money.

Additionally, it would help if you were skeptical of any adverts the app pushes that claim to bring you money.

The business model of Atlas Earth is unstable and unsustainable, which means that if users lose interest in the app, it could collapse at some time in the future. You are investing in something almost nonexistent and of no actual worth. 

Some claim that this is quite similar to cryptocurrencies, but when you consider that cryptocurrencies exist in actual marketplaces and can either be swapped for cash or used to make purchases online. Whereas this isn’t the case with Atlas Earth, you are encouraged to make investments in virtual properties of no value in anticipation that you may one day be able to supplement your income by renting out your homes.

Atlas Earth might be a suitable game for you if you’re seeking a fun way to delve into the metaverse. However, unless you’re actively seeking to purchase land, there is little you can do. Atlas Earth might need more traction to establish itself as a critical participant in the metaverse. As a result, the land you purchase will only be worthwhile.

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How Does the Atlas Earth Work?

Atlas Reality, which created this software, is a leader in mobile gaming technology that focuses on blending real-world and virtual interactions. Their games let you explore your surroundings while playing augmented reality in three dimensions.

You can “virtually” purchase your neighbors’ property with Atlas Earth. You can expand your virtual real estate empire across actual land, which you can then turn around and resell for a profit.

The exciting part is that as you acquire additional properties, your bragging rights grow, suggesting that land ownership will likely play a significant role in the game’s future. The game will prompt you to enable location sharing as soon as you launch the app. This will allow the game to track your movement to display the players in your vicinity with the highest ranks, such as President of the Nation, Governor of the State, and Major of the City, based upon the land they’ve owned.

How Does Atlas Earth Make Money?

Atlas Earth sells Atlas Bucks to you for money. So that you can buy properties in the game with those Bucks, you can purchase one plot of land for 100 Atlas Bucks, which is about $5.

Additionally, they become less expensive the more Atlas Bucks you buy.

Atlas Earth runs advertisements on the platform and generates revenue from it. By watching an ad, you can also get two free Atlas Bucks. To earn enough money for one piece of land, you must view 50 advertisements. But you can watch only one advertisement from Atlas Earth every 20 minutes.

On the plus side, as the metaverse expands, more iOS apps with better functionality will be accessible.


Our primary concern with this platform is that it’s incredibly suspicious since your purchasing is neither a good service nor a functional commodity. Instead, it’s just a virtual plot of land with the potential to gain value—but only if more and more people get on the bandwagon and download the application.

Similar to how Ponzi schemes operate, the only way this can remain stable and avoid falling is if interest in it grows over time. Therefore, consider all the measures given in this article before investing your hard-earned money in Atlas Earth.


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