How to Connect MyQ with Alexa Using IFTTT?

How to Connect MyQ with Alexa Using IFTTT?

Intelligent homes now typically include bright garage doors, which reliably notify owners when their garage door is open or closed. They enable remote control operation of your garage door. Moreover, many systems may be converted to newer garage door types, saving you the expense of a complete replacement.

What is MyQ System and How Does it Work?

MyQ devices are among the most popular intelligent garage systems that revolutionize in-vehicle control. Its key features include remote, hands-free access, and Smart safety features. 

MyQ system pairs directly with your garage door opener hardware using the “learn” button, just like any other add-on remote control. Once the devices are connected, you may use the myQ mobile app to communicate with the hub to command the opener to open or close by sending a wireless signal.

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Is MyQ compatible with Alexa?

If you have an Alexa device, you might wonder if MyQ is compatible with it. Even though MyQ does not yet support Alexa, you can utilize MyQ with Alexa by employing a workaround with IFTTT or SimpleCommands. To open and close your MyQ brilliant garage with Alexa, download the IFTTT app or SimpleCommands app and link your MyQ and Alexa accounts.

Amazon Alexa is a fantastic voice-activated assistant for controlling your smart home appliances. However, garage doors stand out as an obvious exception. Alexa does not provide native Smart Home Skills for this class of intelligent goods, most likely due to security concerns.

How to Install the IFTTT App and Connect with Myq and Alexa 

  •  If you don’t have a membership already, sign up for an account on IFTTT to log in and connect MyQ with IFTTT.
  • Now go to the MyQ IFTTT page and enter the MyQ login details you created while setting up your brilliant garage.
  • Select Connect.
  • Now go to the Amazon Alexa IFTTT and Select Connect to log in using your account details. IFTTT needs to be connected to both platforms to function effectively.

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Helpful Amazon Alexa and MyQ Triggers and Actions

The components of Applets are triggers, queries, and actions. Triggers start an Applet, queries pose a request, and actions are the outcome.

  • Myq Door Closed – this trigger is activated When a door is closed 
  • Myq Turn on Light – This action will make the light turn on
  • Myq Turn off Light – This action will make the light turn off 
  • Myq Close Door – This action will be used to close the door

How to Get the Required Applets?

Although IFTTT allows users to create their applets, there is little effort required to make IFTTT compatible with MyQ. One helpful version for garage doors is included in the list of popular applets currently available on MyQ’s IFTTT web page.

  • Go to the MyQ website and choose Amazon Alexa.
  • Choose the Applet for Closing Car Garage Door.
  • Choose Connect.
  • Now with the help of this applet, you should be able to ask Alexa to close your car’s garage door, and MyQ will do it in response.

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How to Create your Applets?

Now you can build several applets to customize how Alexa interacts with your brilliant garage.

  • Open the IFTTT app and select Create.
  • Enter “Alexa” to browse the available triggers and choose a service.
  • You can select from several triggers, such as saying a particular word and now you can personalize commands for the garage door that are more straightforward.
  • When ready, choose Than that to move forward. Type “MyQ” in the services area to view potential triggers for MyQ.
  • The triggers for the garage door are very straightforward, they usually open or close the door, but you can also connect them to several Alexa instructions.


Even though MyQ doesn’t integrate with Alexa natively, there are third-party apps like IFTTT and SimpleCommands workaround that give you complete control to open and close your MyQ garage door using Alexa voice commands.

You can significantly lower the chances of a break-in by ensuring your voice command is difficult to guess and limiting its use to closing your garage door. As a final word, always keep security in mind! 


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